Stones into Schools by Greg Mortenson

Following his first book, Three Cups of Tea, many people assumed that the schools that Greg Mortenson and his heroic team of ‘fixers’ – a motley group of fearless local Pakistani men who would lay down their life for ‘Dr Greg’ in Pakistan had been bombed into oblivion by the Taliban. But Mortenson’s philosophies about quietly building relationships, empowering communities, and educating girls continued to strike a powerful chord with the Mujahadeen leaders. All of the now 130 schools he and his team have built have survived and flourished in Pakistan and the most impassable and wildest areas of Afghanistan. The Mujahadeen refused to let their schools be destroyed, and while the costs have been high – girls have had acid thrown in their faces and elders threatened with death – the glory of this book is the triumphs of the young women who are now graduating from the schools and of the wild men who have helped them.

An overwhelmingly positive book of immense power.