The Pilgrimage by Jacinta Halloran

Jacinta Halloran is a Melbourne doctor. Her first book Dissection was a fascinating insight into malpractice from a doctor's point of view. The Pilgrimage also has a doctor– a paediatrician Celeste, as a central character. She attempts to steer her mother, who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, to accept medical treatment. Science and logic rule her world. So when her devoutly Catholic mother decides to ignore the best advice and embark on a religious pilgrimage to Romania to see the site of a blessed healing saint, she is beside herself with anger and despair. Here’s the clincher –her mother will not go alone.

So with her flighty sister Nathalie, Celeste journeys across the globe, gets caught up with all manner of adventures, is confronted, and learns to accept things out of her control. A beautifully balanced novel that explores so many themes that run through our lives, not the least sisterly relations and mother-daughter love.

A wonderfully enlightening read that resonates with you long afterwards.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books