The Engagement by Chloe Hooper

The Engagement is an entertaining and intriguing psychological thriller that involves sexual games and the power of money with an added Gothic twist.

Liese Campbell, a retrenched interior designer from England, finds herself working at her uncle's real-estate business in Melbourne. When wealthy Western District property owner Alexander Colquhoun starts to look for a city apartment, he and Liese begin a relationship of sexual fantasy and power games. When Alexander pays for Liese to come away to his country property for the weekend the game becomes more serious and the rules shift until it’s no longer clear who is playing who, what is fantasy and what is real and who is in control. The result is no literary 50 Shades of Grey, but rather a messing-with-the-mind thriller – both for the characters and the reader.

Review by Andi Lawson-Moore @ Great Escape Books