The Ghost Riders of Ordebec by Fred Vargas

French writer Fred Vargas is my absolute favourite crime writer, so her new novel has been highly anticipated and fought over in our household – a compromise met with two bookmarks floating around the pages.

The Ghost Riders of Ordebec opens with a panic-stricken woman on the steps of Commissionaire Adamsberg’s station crying ‘People will die!’ Ghostly medieval horsemen have been seen riding through the French countryside of Ordebec murdering the most nefarious men who have otherwise slipped the long arm of the law. Each time this woman's daughter has had a vision that each man will die and she fears for her young daughter’s life. At the same time Adamsberg and his quirky team are up to their necks in a highly political trial where two wealthy young men have seemly got away with murdering their father and somewhere in there Adamsberg is most concerned about someone being cruel to pigeons. He gives each issue equal measure of his attention. Between villagers terrorised by wild rumours and ancient feuds, deathly horsemen, coolly murderous Parisians and the very unusual methods employed by Adamsberg and his Parisian team, which will have you guessing to the very end, this is a wondrous novel.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books