The Richmond Conspiracy by Andrew Grimes

This fabulous crime debut, by Melbourne author Andrew Grimes, is one of the most engaging crime books I have read in a long time. World War 1 has bought back many disillusioned and damaged veterans. Work is scarce and tensions run rife over the indifferent treatment of soldiers by those in power. It is the time of the ruthless Bodyline series, where English cricketer, Jardine, turns his back on his comrades and viciously conducts an unpopular cricket war. Against this backdrop, Police Inspector James Maclaine, and his wise-cracking disfigured partner Harry Devlin (gassed in the war), are running into all sorts of brick walls trying to track down the killer of wealthy Toorak businessman, Victor Radcliffe, who has been garrotted by his own bayonet. The plot becomes more intricate the deeper they dig, and will keep you guessing to the very end as to who will hang for the crime.

I loved it as it revealed so much about life between the wars, as much as it being a cracking great read. A terrific debut, hopefully there are lots more to come from Andrew Grimes.

Review by Nicole Maher @ Great Escape Books