The Bat by Jo Nesbo

If you have been a little bit lost after Stieg Larsson's unfortunate demise, Jo Nesbo’s marvellous creation Harry Hole is the bloke for you.

Without giving too much away, before Harry meets the Snowman or tackles those ever present neo-nazi gangs, he is sent to Sydney to investigate the murder of Inger Holter, a young Norwegian girl on her gap year who has been working in a bar. The police reluctantly let him into the action when it is revealed the murderer will only talk to him.

Harry meets up with a motley bunch of characters and his dogged pursuit of what turns out to be a serial killer is mixed up with his falling off the wagon and back into the pit of alcoholism, as well as setting out on a torrid romantic liaison with the beautiful Birgitta.

Review by Nicole @ Great Escape Books