Norwegian by Night by Derek B Miller

I feel in love with Sheldon on the first page and could not put this down. Sheldon, a dementing, 82-year-old ex-marine moves from New York to Oslo to be with his granddaughter Rhea – his last surviving relative. After witnessing a woman’s murder, he swears to protect her son from the attackers.

Trusting no one, Sheldon is drawn into a riveting game of cat and mouse with the killers – relying on his past experiences as a marine and driven by the haunting pain of past regrets.

This is a beautifully crafted book, which rollicks along at a great pace. So much more than just a thriller or crime drama, Norwegian by Night is a study of people and the moments in life that accumulate to make them who they are. Magnificent.

Review by Erin @ Great Escape Books