The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey

The marketing line for Eowyn Ivey’s debut novel reads: a bewitching story of heartbreak and hope. And really those words could constitute this review of The Snow Child as they perfectly encapsulate this beautiful book.

Inspired by a Russian fairy tale about a childless older couple who create a little girl from snow and their love, The Snow Child is simply enchanting and a must read for booklovers who enjoy falling in love with stories.
Jack and Mabel abandon their life in 1920s Pennsylvania and head north to start afresh in Alaska. They are approaching their 50s and have no children. She is trying to run away from her memories and he is determined to succeed in this great untamed land. Life in America’s newest frontier is harsh and lonely and neither is sure that they will survive. Then one day it snows and the caught up in the beauty of the moment they remember their love for each other and start to feel affection for their new homeland. They build a little snow girl, but in the morning she is gone. Instead they are visited by a real life little girl who becomes an important part of their new life.
The Snow Child is incredibly beautiful. The characters are lovingly crafted and the tale tenderly told. There was something quite magical about reading the exquisite descriptions of Alaska’s white winter scenery on a hot Surf Coast summer’s day. It is a story to lose yourself in, one that is full of heartache but ultimately uplifting.

Review by Andi Lawson-Moore@ Great Escape Books